Ms Ng Keng Ling

1) My name Keng Ling. Ling, NOT LENG
2) My family quite big - quantity and size: 2 vintage, 4-6 prime and 2 y-generation, additional 2 primers soon.
3) My office in no man's land - Tuas!
4) I drive my brother's black beauty. Vroom... vroom....
5) I try to start a small biz. Am open to ideas!!
6) Check out my sale items at soon-to-come-link on this website.
6) My family very ASEAN - Singaporean, Malaysian, Indonesian.
7) My good friends think that I will end up with a non-S'porean too!
8) Beaches in Thailand I have visited - Phuket, Hua Hin, Krabi, Koh Samui. Will try Koh Chang and Koh Samed next.
9) I LURVE Bangkok! Sawadee ka .......
10) Am trying to write in to Extreme Makeover - give them a challenge to work on an Asian!