Something About Us...

Heather Ong
Ng Keng Ling
Ng Keng Ling AGAIN but with photo
Chua Hui Lian
Jasmine Tan

First one off the block is
1) My name is Heather Ong
2) My family has 5 people: My mummy, my 2 brothers and my brothers' wives
3) My pride and joy is my beloved Baby, a lovely black Puegeot 206
4) I like to grow plants
5) I like to read story books
6) I cannot cook
7) I like to exercise
8) I don't like to go out into the sun
9) I like chocolate and drinking coffee
10) I like to watch science fiction tv shows and movies
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Next on the list
1) I prefer to go by the nickname of Flim
2) There are 4 people in my family: daddy, mummy, sister and myself
3) I live in Singapore
4) I am a salaried worker
5) I enjoy surfing the Net
6) My latest hobby is photography - i enjoy taking scenary and macro shots
7) When i am bored, i drive around Singapore or go Changi Airport to see planes
8) I have become a coffee junkie of late
9) I enjoy Italian food
10) I want to try my hand at fishing... anyone interested to go fishing?
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Suspect number 3 is
1) My name Keng Ling. Ling, NOT LENG
2) My family quite big - quantity and size: 2 vintage, 4-6 prime and 2 y-generation, additional 2 primers soon.
3) My office in no man's land - Tuas!
4) I drive my brother's black beauty. Vroom... vroom....
5) I try to start a small biz. Am open to ideas!!
6) Check out my sale items at soon-to-come-link on this website.
6) My family very ASEAN - Singaporean, Malaysian, Indonesian.
7) My good friends think that I will end up with a non-S'porean too!
8) Beaches in Thailand I have visited - Phuket, Hua Hin, Krabi, Koh Samui. Will try Koh Chang and Koh Samed next.
9) I LURVE Bangkok! Sawadee ka .......
10) Am trying to write in to Extreme Makeover - give them a challenge to work on an Asian!
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There are 5 of us... Number 4 is
1) Why am I always #4??? That's because Miss Chua Hui Lian always has a 4 in anything associated with her.
2) I enjoy singing and am involved with this music group called Key Elements.
3) I started singing during my JC days.
4) I did my degree in New Zealand where I met a lot of people from the Pacific Islands and that was where my love for singing took root.
5) Once upon a time, I and some friends entered a singing competition on TV.
6) Like most people, I hold a fulltime job as a salaried worker.
7) I have a really cute cat called Debs.
8) I have a sister who is living and working in the US.
9) My favourite past time and hobby is singing.
10) And I have a degree in Zoology and Chemistry!
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Last but not least... It's none other than
1) Jasmine, but some people call me jazzie and my really old and rare call me PL.
2) I'm usually last because I'm slower in responding... hey! unlike the other salaried workers, I do not have access to a computer all the time.
3) What do I do? A really noble job (ahem) of moulding the next generation.
4) My family consist of Dad, mum a younger brother, his other half and a new kid on the way!
5) My favouriate things to do in my free time are reading, shopping and travelling (not necessarily in that order). My favourite cities are Beijing, Shanghai, Bankok and Hong Kong. These are all good places to SHOP!!
6) I've also recently picked up scrapbooking and am quite into it at the moment.
7) My dream is to retire young and rich... but chances as to this happening is rather slim (sigh).
8) I can cook and enjoy cooking, but hate washing up.
9) I enjoy food and love to snack... probably why I'm round like a cream puff.
10) Am looking for some like minded people to travel.
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