Let's check out our favourite links. The variety is quite diverse.

Heather's favourites
Amazon.com for books especially
Heather likes to do the GOOGLE too....

FLim's favourites
Good local photography website: Clubsnap
Local site for Palm devices: SPUG ... And not forgetting the Mircrosoft devices: PPCSG

Elizabeth's favourites
For those looking for a short holiday, look no further than ZUJI for flight information
And Asia Travel for hotel information
For those with the gambling streak in you, check out the Singapore Pools website

Hui Lian's favourites
Restaurant Guide
Online Ordering of Pet Food
Straits Times Interactive
And something that is very close to Hui Lian's heart: Key Elements

Jasmine's favourites
For those interested to play some online games, look no further than the below:
Bg Fish Games
PopCap Games
Yahoo! Games